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Oxford college to trial foundation years
A new scheme means you might not need top grades to get into Oxford.

How the degree you choose affects what you earn
New research shows that going to university pays – but some subjects and unis pay better than others.

Exams are the biggest cause of stress at school
89% of teachers think exams cause their students more worry than anything else, a survey reveals. Find out how to beat exam stress.

Are you being paid the right amount?
People could be being underpaid without knowing it, according to a government survey.

UCAS art and design deadline: Thursday March 24
Applications for certain art and design courses must be submitted by March 24.

Which universities have the best student experience?
Great facilities, course structure and campus environment push Loughborough University to the top of this year's Student Experience Survey.

Apprenticeships could be worth more than you think
A survey has found that most people underestimate how much they could earn as an apprentice.

National Apprenticeship Week 2016
Celebrating the many ways apprenticeships can help apprentices, employers and the wider community, National Apprenticeship Week features events across England.

March 7 - 11 is National Careers Week
National Careers Week is a chance to explore the support that's available to help you build your career.

March 3 is University Mental Health Day
University Mental Health Day helps students across the UK to look after their mental health and support their friends.