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Prince2 Training

One of the main responsibilities of the project manager under many different frameworks, including PRINCE2, is to pick the project team.

This will require first working out which roles there are to be filled. Often, if you’re working within a particular methodology, you’ll have this already defined, at least broadly.

Once they know what jobs there are, they’ll need to pick the right people to fulfil them. This may involve picking leaders for each section of their team, who can then in turn choose members of their team individually.

During the course of the project, the project manager should be able to step back and avoid micro-managing the individual parts of the team, so picking the right people from the start is crucial.


While the exact role of the project manager will vary according to different frameworks and methodologies, what is common to all is that he or she must maintain effective and regular channels of communication between everyone involved.

If the client has an issue, the project manager must be made aware of it, and must then pass it on to the relevant team members so that it can be solved right away.

Risk Analysis and Management

Assessing the risks associated with the progress of any project is absolutely crucial to its success. Methodologies like Six Sigma are built entirely around the minimising of risks.

The project manager must be able to detect, predict and work out how to deal with any risks that present themselves during the course of the project.

Exactly how the project manager fulfils this role will vary - sometimes they will simply take on the role of a mediator, for example - but that it is fulfilled is crucial to success.

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